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Trust is essential when it comes to your home or business. When disaster strikes and everything you own is at risk, you need peace of mind that your best interests are being served.

Experiencing a loss can be devastating. Whether it is a residential or commercial catastrophic event caused by fire, wind, water or other misfortune, you can rely on Alpha Disaster Services' rapid response to advocate on your behalf with your insurance carrier to restore and/or rebuild your property to its pre-loss condition.

3 types of Insurance Adjusters

  • Staff Adjuster- Adjuster who is an employee of an insurance company. 
  • Independent Adjuster- Adjuster is hired by an insurance company to represent their interest.
  • Public Adjuster- Adjuster who does NOT work for any insurance company rather is hired to represent the insured policy holder-you.

Alpha Disaster Services' Public Adjusters are licensed, bonded and insured.

We are Advocates for YOU!

As Public Adjusters
We Put
Your Interests First

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3 Convenient Locations

Indiana Location

Northwest of Louisville, we service this area and that area and we go here and there.

Kentucky Location

Located east of Louisville, we service this area and that area and we go here and there.

Illinois Location

Located south of Chicago, we service this area and that area and we go here and there.


  • What are YOUR rights and benefits under your insurance policy? Under state law? Have you read your policy? Do you understand it?
  • Who should choose your repair contractor? You or your insurance company?
  • How will you live, work and function while your home is under repair?
  • What do yo do if your insurance adjuster's estimate is too low? The insurance company delays your claim or refuses to pay?
  • How will you prove the value of your losses if you don't have receipts?
  • Who will check for hidden structural damage rather than mere surface repairs?
  • How will you know if you are getting the full benefits of YOUR policy?

If you cannot answer these questions, then the Public Adjusters at ALPHA DISASTER SERVICES can help.

We are confident enough in our ability to help you with your claim that we offer a FREE estimate review.

 It will only take approximately 15 minutes for you to see the true benefits you will enjoy by using the resources of a public adjuster.

How does it work?
We Have Your Interests At

We come to your home and do a thorough, room-by-room walkthrough with you. We evaluate all damages and create a detailed estimate of materials and costs (e.g. framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, drywall, paint, etc.). 

The insurance company’s contractor does this same thing, but with the goal of saving the insurance company as much money as possible (i.e. undervaluing materials, overlooking smaller damaged remnants, and looking to clean and paint rather than repair and replace) which is why you need an insurance adjuster on your side.

The insurance company’s goal is to restore your home at the lowest possible cost. This means that they will overlook countless important details. We work with you to go through photos and videos of our walkthrough to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

We take you through every room to itemize and detail all of the furniture and contents of drawers to establish values of each and every item. We provide an attention to detail that will dramatically increase the value of your estimate.

Your insurance company’s contractor and Alpha Disaster Services will submit their estimates for review, and once the dollar amount is settled, repairs on your home can begin.

You can of course hire whomever you’d prefer to repair your home, but we strongly recommend using a contractor with fire restoration experience. 

We have a substantial network of such professionals available to you, but don’t worry, even if you choose a contractor of your own, we will gladly work with them in any way we can to expedite your home repair.

What our Clients
say about us

I need to give credit where credit is due. Throughout this rebuilding process James and I have asked a lot of questions. Asked for rationales, clarifications, extras, changes, etc. We wonder if we’re a builder’s worst nightmare. But this is our home and we didn’t ask to be in this position, so we’d rather ask now than ever wonder if something could have been different or better.

Last weekend we had a concern and this week our general contractor (and Public Adjuster) responded in a way which has left James and I feeling respected, protected, and truly cared for. We have no doubt that our house will be beautiful, and more importantly safe and efficient.

God forbid any of my Kentuckiana friends and family know anyone who has a fire in the future, but if you do I urge you to refer them to John El Dorado with Alpha Disaster Services. It has made a big difference for us!

- Mandy Dugan. IL    

We decided to use Alpha Disaster Services after a devastating house fire that claimed our whole house in March 2016. 

We went and looked at some of their past jobs and their quality was exceptional and stood out from all the others. In addition, them being able to provide public adjusting helped us get the most out of our insurance policy on multiple occasions. 

The entire staff was very professional and reachable during the whole process. We hope you never have to experience this situation but if you do, we would highly  recommend Alpha Disaster Services.

per Better Business Bureau

John was courteous, handled all of my questions professionally and really conveyed his expertise at all times. I got the feeling he was inspecting the house as he was going to buy it himself, which is a phenomenal perspective to have during these inspections. 

- David A KY     

We are writing to let you know how pleased we were with our adjuster today.  We enjoyed interacting with her.  She was very professional, answered all of our questions, and had a great sense of humor in troubling times.  We would highly recommend her to everyone. 

- Ryan R IN     

Certified Public Adjusters

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